Testimonial on our mobile video workshop

Ronan Cavanagh of Cavanagh Communications gave us a nice testimonial for our Mobile Video Made Easy workshops. Ronan runs his own bespoke PR and communications company in Dun Laoghaire.


TESTIMONIAL from Daniel Jacobson

I love to hear what you guys think of my workshops. This testimonial is from Daniel Jacobson who attended my “MOBILE VIDEO MADE EASY” workshop in July 2016.

Daniel Jacobson is the director of the Ultimate School of Music, a …

TESTIMONIAL from Eddie Stack

I am always happy to receive testimonials from you guys, and I just wanted to share this one with you from my August “MOBILE VIDEO MADE EASY” Workshops in Navan.

Eddie Stack is the executive director of BNI Dublin and …

TESTIMONIAL for my Mobile Video Made Easy workshop

It’s always nice to get testimonials, and I just want to share this one with you from my most recent “MOBILE VIDEO MADE EASY” workshop here in Dún Laoghaire.

Cormac Cuffe is a jewellery designer and teacher with a lovely …

Trish Hegarty

Freelance journalist, The Irish Times, owner Inis Communications, Trish Hegarty

“I have enjoyed working alongside Aileen in the media since I was a freelance, as a producer in the BBC while she was Health Correspondent at RTE and more

Nuala Macklin

Documentary production for RTE Radio 1 – Documentary on One, Nuala Macklin

“Aileen is patient, highly experienced in her field, and she gets the job done.”

Helen Shaw

Athena Media, Helen Shaw

“Aileen presented Vhi Health Club – an online health show and podcast series which we created and produced – for two years for Vhi Healthcare. She was always good to work with, knew her material and