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We keep trying to get our newsletter done, but the demands of the everyday get in front of us.. deadlines for grant applications, deadlines for drawing down of said grants, getting documentaries finished, signing off on projects.. never a dull …

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Here’s a smartphone video we made ……

We get asked regularly to make short effective smartphone videos, often of an event or to tell the story of a product or service. Here at the Harbour View Business Centre, manager Colette O’Sullivan asked us to make a short …

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“CONGRESS TALKS” a new podcast

We’re delighted to tell you that we’ve got the go-ahead to produce a regular podcast with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. I made a pilot for them a few weeks back, and we’re now going to produce one about …

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Smartphone Video Workshops

SOME OF OUR MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. Be sure to email us at or phone 01 5175311 if you have any other questions.

  1. Who are the workshops for? Primarily people in small businesses who want to make their own
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Top Two pieces of equipment for good smartphone video

When I run smartphone video training workshops, I bring along my own recommended equipment. Since beginning this training over three years ago, I’ve gone down the “tried and tested” route, and while the gear may not be the same …

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My recommended gadgets for good smartphone videos

I’ve just completed my latest Smartphone Video Workshop, where I showed my small group how to make great videos using tried and tested gadgets. My practical workshops are “hands-on’; I don’t believe you can really learn until you do something …

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Talking to the media: do’s & don’t’s.

I gave a presentation this morning (July 2nd) to the Eolas Communications conference in Dublin city centre. Great gathering of communications professionals and a lively variety of speakers from the big corporates to the niche professionals (that’s me!).  I spoke …

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